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Concrete Company Little Haiti

Little Haiti,

When you want stunning yet long-lasting concrete floors in Little Haiti, you should place your trust on the experts from Miami Concrete Brothers. These days, more and more people prefer having concrete driveways, garages, patios, and walkways. We meet the demand by installing flooring systems, using premium quality materials. What’s more, we provide unparalleled customer service. Expect us to carefully assess your requirements and specifications, ensuring that we will get all the details correctly. Once we’re done with the project, you will have a concrete floor that is functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Little Haiti,
Little Haiti,
Little Haiti,

Why Opt for a Concrete Flooring System?

Do you dream of having that cobblestone walkway surrounding St. Mary’s Cathedral on 2nd Avenue? Are you worried that installing this type of driveway in your property may burn a hole in your pocket? Well, Miami Concrete Brothers has a cost-effective solution for you. Using a highly innovative manufacturing method, our team can mimic the look of cobbles, brick, stone, slate, or even wood decking. We pour the cement on the area, then before the material sets, we stamp your preferred texture or pattern. We can even stain the surface to achieve the authentic look of cobblestone or timber.

What’s great about concrete flooring systems is it has less impact on the environment compared to other floor materials. It is worth noting that concrete’s primary materials include aggregates, sand, cement, and water. So, when you want to leave as little carbon footprint as possible while achieving a stunning and durable driveway or patio, turn to Premier Decorative Concrete.

You’ll also be delighted to know that concrete floors are not just for outdoor use. You can also install them indoors if you want an industrial look for your interiors. Moreover, the cool floors will regulate the temperature during the warmer seasons. Meanwhile, you can also have the concrete installed above your floor heating. To learn all about different types of floor coatings, check out our friends over at Plancher Epoxy for some awesome ideas!

We Install the Following Types of Concrete Floors in Little Haiti, Miami

Stamped Concrete

We understand how expensive it is to install cobblestone, field stone, paver stone, or slate in driveways. Thankfully, there is a more affordable alternative to these materials. You can contact us and install stamped concrete floors. We have the skills, tools, and experience necessary to mimic the look of different flooring materials. Before letting the cement set fully, we stamp the texture or pattern of your choice. We can complete the look by applying stains or colors that closely resemble the material you want.

Concrete Garages

Since garages are subjected to daily abuse, their flooring system must be durable. Whether you need a long-lasting flooring solution for your home or commercial property, Premier Decorative Concrete is here to help. We also offer various surface finishes, including broom, exposed aggregate, stamped, or smooth texture. So, if you want to achieve the same luxurious look of the galleries in Miami Ironside, you can trust that we’ll turn your vision into reality.

Concrete Patios

Miami Concrete Brothers also specializes in installing concrete patios. We offer various design options for our clients, but we still give them the freedom to tailor the layout according to their lifestyle and preferences. So, if you want the same quaint patio on Fiorito or something with a minimalist design like the one on Blue Collar, our concrete technicians can complete the job to your specifications.

Concrete Driveways

When you’re installing a new driveway or extending your existing one, you need to ensure that the structure can withstand the harsh conditions of Little Haiti. At Miami Concrete Brothers, we only use a concrete formula that helps us achieve a long-lasting and stable surface. Moreover, we modify the formulation according to the amount of traffic on the concrete and the environmental conditions in the area.

Concrete Pool Decks

We understand that swimming pools are a serious investment for any homeowner. As such, we design and install concrete pool decks to the highest standards for safety, durability, and functionality. Trust that once we’re done with the project, you will have a robust and aesthetically pleasing deck for your swimming pool.

Why Choose Premier Decorative Concrete

We have been installing durable and stunning concrete floors for over a decade. When you hire us to install your walkway, pool deck, patio, garage, or driveway, you can expect to work with professionals who are experienced in laying concrete. When you need a concrete flooring contractor in Little Haiti, we are your go-to company.

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