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Concrete Contractors in Miami Florida

Your Dream Concrete Patio or Driveway Awaits!

Dependable Concrete Contractor in Miami, Florida

We like to think of ourselves as the Premier Decorative Concrete experts. We pride ourselves on being a company that offers quality services for any project you may need assistance with! The flooring areas around your home are important, which starts with giving them an update or replacement in order to make sure they look fresh and inviting every time visitors come over - then it's about making sure everything else works out well so when guests walk onto their patio they feel safe from prying eyes while still enjoying all its outdoor space has to offer. Adding a stamped concrete patio to your home is an excellent way of adding the perfect finish touch. Not only will it be quick and easy, but you'll enjoy its long-lasting quality too!

Concrete Contractors in Miami Florida,

Miami, Florida

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We're proud that our services are the result of years of development with customers. We've learned what they want and developed skills to suit their needs, including decorative projects as well art restoration for existing floors in need! We're confident that whatever your need is in the home and office, we have a service to suit you. Take look at all of our services and see how one of these can help provide great-looking flooring for either patio or pool decking- choose from stamped concrete, designed surfaces like epoxy coating that will last longer than any other type on today's marketplace!

Concrete Contractors in Miami Florida,
Concrete Contractors in Miami Florida,

Stamped Concrete in Miami FL

Stamping your concrete gives the surface a more interesting look than just pouring it. The process of stamping in patterns and designs to be stamped as soon as you're finished with planting, mosses or other plants are waiting for their chance! We have the perfect stamp for your next concrete project. You can get anything from abstract designs to traditional symbols, all at an affordable price! With our wide range of stamps and patterns you're sure to find something that will suit any taste or style - even if it's not listed here on this page.

Concrete Driveway in Miami FL

Driveways need to be tough enough for cars driving over them constantly, and there's no material better suited than concrete. When you pair our stamping service with a stylish solution that is still affordable and quick-to install? We can work together find the perfect design scheme just right up your alley so not only will visitors want stop in respect but also know how proud of themselves they make their homeowners feel about this important part off home décor as well!

Concrete Contractors in Miami Florida,
Concrete Contractors in Miami Florida,

Sealed concrete has much richer color and glossier finish than unsealed. You can choose many different levels to determine how shiny you want it, from dull grey marble all the way up through high-shine glassy surfaces! Experts recommend sealing your driveways or walkways for long-term protection against outdoor elements like rainwater runoff that could damage them over time if left unprotected.
It's always best practice when dealing with new construction projects such as pouring fresh cement right onto bare earth without any sort of protective coating on top so keep this in mind before finishing touches are made later down the road - just because they're proud doesn't mean their work will last forever.

The concrete flooring option is a great way to give your outdoor area that stylish look without sacrificing comfort. Our professionals can pour all sorts of styles, from broom finish gray or terra-cotta stamped flagstone as well as other custom designs for you!

Our team of experts can help you find and install the right concrete for your project, no matter what it may be. Whether it's patio Pavers or pathway stones we're here to serve!

Concrete is versatile enough that there's an option out each time someone needs their yard changed up a bit- from patios to paths running through gardens; our professional staff will provide all solutions so give us a call today.

Stamped Concrete in Miami FL

Concrete stamping is a simple and affordable way to give your home the latest look without the hassle of installing pavers. The process of stamping concrete is quick and easy, allowing you to achieve a huge range of looks that mimic other building materials. You can save time or money by using this method rather than installing more expensive alternatives; it also delivers a great finished look for outdoor areas! A surface that you can enjoy and be proud of, Premier Decorative Concrete will work with your design needs to create a stamped concrete project.

Concrete Driveways in Miami FL

Every family deserves to have their own backyard, and concrete driveways Miami is here for you! We work hard every day so that no matter what kind of home improvements need doing in the area or how big your project is; our team will take care it gets done right. It doesn't matter if it's an addition onsite at one time - we've got just about everything covered when dealing with new construction projects. And don’t let driving around without worry because these days there's more than driveway solutions available: decks & patios too!. A quality concrete driveway can make your house more appealing and increase curb appeal. If you're looking for a durable surface that will last years, then stamped cement may be right for you! Concrete is also simple to maintain with its basic tools--no mortar mixers required (though we do offer those). We specialize in installing new driveways so feel free to ask us about how we could improve on yours too!"

Concrete Washing and Sealing in Miami FL

Concrete is a very durable material, but it does require some maintenance. If you have just got your driveway installed or are in need of an upgrade and want to protect that investment then getting the surface sealed would be ideal for both long-term success as well as looking better than ever before! A good sealer will keep your driveway looking its best for years. Just as you would never allow dirt or sand to get into the engine of a car, so too should we take care not have any cracks form on top our concrete surfaces! Make sure that if there's anything between it and water-chloride solution-anything at all really-, by getting this done right away before those pesky leaks start taking over again.

Concrete Patios in Miami FL

For over a decade, Premier Decorative Concrete has been making stunning and hard-wearing concrete patios in the greater Miami area. We have our team of experienced contractors that can design a beautiful patio to match your home décor needs with their professional experience installing quality products for years on end! You'll be able to spend time by yourself or share it with family members close at heart when they visit because we offer fire pits as well so you're never alone out there under those stars. The time spent with loved ones outdoors is always a magical experience, and this can be made more so when the fire crackles as you all sit around it. As professionals who have years of experience installing firesides for any type or size home, we know what tools are necessary to make these events happen smoothly!

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Felicia Cook
January 4, 2022.
This expert concrete team did a fantastic job installing our new concrete sidewalk. They were very professional, fast-working, efficient - everything you could want in an installer! We will definitely be using them again when it's time for us redo the rest of our driveway too!
Clark Lawrence
December 30, 2021.
We finally got our walkway and driveway fixed! The whole process was great, from scheduling to the final product. We had an old gravel driveway that needed some work done - it looked outdated and wasn't very appealing anymore because of all the cracks. We spent weeks deciding on a contractor and we are glad we went with this one. Very responsive and knowledgeable about the trade. Thanks for a job well done!
Viviana Benitez
March 20, 2021.
From the first call to the end of the job the service and knowledge was perfection. Very happy we went with this company.
Ricard Hensman
October 18, 2020.
Great company to work with! The guys did an amazing job and worked so hard to get my driveway done in one day. They came out and finished the whole job just days after I called them for an estimate, which I am so thankful for. They were extremely professional and went above and beyond. I highly recommend them!
Eduardo Torres
September 3, 2020.
Very professional company. Showed up on time and did an excellent job. They made an alteration to my driveway, then pressure cleaned and painted it. I was very pleased with the end result and the price was fair.
Angela Messam
June 29, 2020.
Working with Olbin Fuentes was an excellent experience. They knew exactly what I needed as a general contractor to satisfy my client. Looking forward to working with you guys on the next project! Angela Messam, CGC

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