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Stamped Concrete Miami

We like to think of ourselves as the Stamped Concrete Miami experts. We pride ourselves on being the best there is! The flooring areas around your home are important to the look and feel of your entire house, then your patio starts to look dated and unsafe it affects the way you enjoy your outdoor area, which is why it is important to have it looking fresh, safe and inviting for you, your family and your friends. A stamped concrete patio is an excellent addition to your home, providing you with a unique and impressive surface that's quick and affordable to install.

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About Us

Stamped Concrete Miami is a contracting service that specializes in residential and commercial flooring products like stamped concrete, decorative concrete, and concrete installation. We have established ourselves over many years as the leading service in Miami, we strive to provide the absolute best service and quality of the finished product for our customers that time after time leaves our customers wowed by the standard of our work.

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Our Services

The services we have on offer are the result of years of development with our customers, learning what they want and developing our skills to suit their needs. Our team has worked hard to be the best at creating decorative and artistic concrete projects, along with restoring and polishing existing concrete into beautiful flooring. We're confident that whatever your need is in your home or office, we have a service that can suit you, take a look at everything we have on offer and see how we can help provide you with a great looking stamped concrete driveway or concrete pool decking.

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Stamped Concrete Miami FL

Concrete is a great building material to use throughout your home, but on its own can look a bit plain and boring. Stamping is the process of pressing a pattern into the concrete as it sets to bring an interesting look to it, giving it a more interesting look than just standard poured concrete. We have a huge range of different stamps available to apply an interesting pattern to your next concrete project, we even have patterns that look like other building materials such as stone, tile or brick so that you can achieve the same look as those materials while still enjoying the benefit of concretes affordability, strength, and quick installation.

Epoxy is a 2 part chemical solution that gets mixed together and hardens to form a strong, durable and resistant surface coating for your floor. This is ideal to be used as a stand-alone flooring or can go over the top of existing flooring to protect it from wear and damage. A lot of our customers will pour epoxy over a freshly polished concrete surface to help protect it from any damage. Epoxy floors are great for any area in and out of the home due to their strength and chemical resistance, so they make for great garage coatings where there are often a lot of spilled chemicals from cleaning and cars.

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Concrete Pool Deck Installation

A smooth, stylish pool deck helps you make the most of the pool outside your home that brings so much joy to you and your family on those beautiful Florida afternoons. If your decking is starting to deteriorate and need an update, or you are tired of the grass you have there now, our team can come and install a new one. Using our stamping or polishing techniques, we can give you a great looking deck that makes your pool come alive.

Concrete polishing is a relatively simple process that uses diamond coated polishing disks to take the top surface of the concrete off and polish it down to a smooth finish that can look really impressive inside and out of your home. Stamped Concrete Miami is a fully capable concrete polishing service that can help refinish existing cement floors with a new polish, or help you pour a new concrete floor with additives to make the polish look unique and impressive. Speak to our consultants to work out if your existing concrete floor is suitable for polishing.

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When you have an outdoor area that needs a new flooring solution, concrete is a great option to give you a stylish look that you can customize to suit the look of your home. Our professionals can pour all kinds of concrete styles, from broom finish gray to terra-cotta stamped flagstone. Concrete can be used in a range of different ways in your home, from patios to paths running through your garden, whatever your need we can help find and install the right concrete for your project.

Driveways need to be tough to handle cars driving over them constantly, there's no material better suited to the job than concrete and when you pair it with our stamping service you're getting a stylish solution that is still affordable and quick to install. We can work with you to find the concrete driveway design that suits you best, so you can be proud of the entrance to your home.

"I needed a flooring contractor to put a new concrete patio in our yard, I found Stamped Concrete Miami and spoke to their team and they came out to pour the concrete the next day. I was amazed at how simple they made it look, and the result speaks for itself, I couldn't be happy with my new concrete patio." – Taylor P.

"Our pool deck had seen better days from too many years of use, it was looking outdated too so it was time to have it ripped out and re-poured. A friend recommended Stamped Concrete Miami who came to pour new concreting around the pool. They suggested some stamped concrete and now it looks fantastic!" – Vanessa J.

"My driveway was starting to crack and fall apart so I decided to get a professional in to replace it, I searched for concrete services near me and came across Stamped Concrete Miami. I was extremely impressed with their service, they helped me pick the driveway I wanted and had it poured in no time, very happy with the final result." – Luke S.

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From Shenandoah Park, 1800 SW 21st Ave, Miami, FL 33145 to Stamped Concrete Miami. Head south on SW 21st Ave toward SW 18th St. Turn right onto SW 19th St. Turn right onto SW 29th Ave. Turn left onto SW 18th St. Turn left to stay on SW 18th St. Stamped Concrete Miami is located at 3079 SW 18th St, rear,Miami, FL 33145 and are open from Monday-Sunday from 8am to 8pm. You can contact them by phone at (786)460-5197.

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If you have an upcoming project that involves any of the services our company offers, make sure you get in touch with us so we can help you to get the quality final product you deserve. You will find our contact number and email form on our contact page that you can use to get in touch with our consultants who will walk you through every step of the way. And we have been fortunate enough to team up with other contractors in the US. Check out our sister concrete contractor Santa Fe residents can trust!

Stamped Concrete Designs

Because there are so many stamped concrete designs to choose from, we would rather show you in person. Along with a free consultation, we will also provide you visuals of your dream concrete patio or driveway. With so many patterns and colors to choose from, we could never do it justice by putting them all here. Also, every home looks different, so we would rather show you how the colors or patters would look with the rest of your home. The whole process is so personal and we make sure to walk you through it every step of the way.