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Concrete Polishing Miami

Concrete Polishing,

As the area's best contractors of concrete polishing Miami can trust, we know a thing or two. Concrete is a hugely versatile material that can be used in so many different areas of construction and design, despite being a reasonably old building material, it's always amazing to see how it can bring new life to a project. Polishing concrete is a great way to add a new dimension to a concrete floor that otherwise wouldn't have been noticeable or noteworthy. Concrete polishing is a simple process that leaves you with a stunning and durable surface to enjoy in our out of your home, that you don't have to worry about simple wear and tear due to its strength and durability.

Preparation for Concrete Polishing Miami

Arguably the best benefit of polished concrete is that any existing concrete area can be polished without having to lay any new concrete. As long as the concrete is fully hardened (this can take a while for new slabs and can't be rushed), our team can use their professional polishing equipment to give a whole new appearance to your existing concrete. Before starting any project we make sure the concrete is clean from stains and debris that may show through in the final product or damage our equipment and begin the polishing process to bring you the look you're after for your home.


If you're polishing an existing slab of concrete the styles you can choose from are quite limited, only being able to select the final finish polish and texture, and have a stain applied to the top surface. But if you are pouring a new concrete slab you have the opportunity to customize widely to get a completely unique look when polished. We can pour in additives like aggregate and pigments to give you a completely customizable style for your concrete flooring, these pigments and additives get revealed as the top surface of the concrete is polished and the contents of the concrete are revealed.


The process of concrete polishing is relatively simple, relying more on a skilled hand than a long a complex list of procedures. When undertaken by an amateur there can be all sorts of issues that pop up, such as inconsistent polishing which can make the overall appearance of the floor look much worse than desired. Our team has been trained in using our polishing equipment, knowing how to provide a consistent polish throughout the whole concrete surface, avoiding any imperfections in the final product. Once the concrete has been polished it will need to be sealed to prevent anything staining the top surface.

Concrete Polishing Treatments

The sealing of the polished surface serves to fill and block any porosity that is opened up from the polishing, preventing anything seeping into the surface of the concrete and forming a protective barrier from liquids that get spilled on it and any light wear and tear. As the concrete flooring gets used that top seal can gradually wear through and require further sealing. This is thankfully a simple process that our team can attend to quickly and easily. We use professional sealing products to provide the best and most durable seal, if you would like a more durable and longer lasting solution, have a look at our epoxy flooring options.